segunda-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2009

About Rob Landeck


Rob is a 37 year-old artist residing in Fredericksburg, VA. He is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, with a B.F.A. in Art Education. Rob has been in a number of exhibitions around Fredericksburg, Richmond, VA and the Washington D.C. area. He currently has a studio at Liberty Town Arts Workshop in Fredericksburg.


Music, to me, is directly related to the process of art-making. It is art. Elements of art such as rhythm, repetition, balance, harmony, and unity are applied to music as well. So, in short, music and musicians are largely influential in my art. The expression or feeling that musicians can create, touch people even if they do not realize it. These artists understand and convey their feelings through their art. I am trying to capture some of this emotion while also paying homage to them in my paintings.

Rainer Landeck's Portfolio

Rainer Landeck's Free Artist Portfolio

Welcome to Rainer Landeck's Portfolio. Browse Landeck's body of work: The artist Rainer Landeck was born in Bremerhaven/ Germany, 1960. Today he works and lives in Hanover/Germany.
Landeck`s expressive paintings,drawings and sculptures of the late eighties became in the following years more and more a realistic style of painting.
Nevertheless, simultaneous to those he was still creating abstract paintings and those paintings that combine different painting traditions, which were discussed as realistic or abstract art.
To understand the contradiction of the complex reality he permanently searched for a new way of expression and so created a series of different and well-rounded paintings.
On the occasion of ...


Propriedade particular, foi mandada edificar por Joaquim Sotto-Mayor, no início do séc. XX. Trata-se de uma luxuosa vivenda de estilo francês, projectada por Gaston Landeck, com fachada sumptuosa, integrando-se em amplo espaço verde.
Para a decoração interior contratou alguns dos melhores artistas da época, destacando-se Dórdio Gomes, Joaquim Lopes e António Ramalho, podendo ainda referenciar-se algumas peças de mobiliário.
Rua Joaquim Sotto-Mayor - Figueira da Foz.
Muito humildemente, da terra nasci e à terra regressarei.(07/12/2009)